American Association of Marriage Family Therapists/Clinical Fellow
Member Since: 2012
Tennessee Association for Marriage and Family Therapists

​Member Since: 2012

​Couples Counseling

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My areas of expertise come from formal training and hours of working through the top complaints of people in distressed relationships. Concerns expressed often include: we don't communicate, I feel like roommates, he doesn't talk, she thinks I can read her mind, sex is almost obsolete, whatever I do is never good enough, we aren't on the same page with parenting, I get no help around the house, I feel like a single parent, texting and social media emotional affairs and/or physical affairs have taken place".

I have worked extensively with couples on many issues, including the ones listed above. I am passionate and committed to helping people reach their goals and achieve healthy relationships. My approach is energetic, down to earth, and I often utilize humor to inspire people to actively take part in their own growth and well- being.

Years in Practice: 12 Years
School: National University
Year Graduated: 2006
License #49204 California

​License #1038 Tennessee

Hello.  If you are scrolling through my site, odds are you are looking for a counselor to help navigate through a current problem.  Hopefully, I can help.  

Let's see if we are a good fit ( do I provide the services you need at a level at which you will benefit)... if not, I provide resources throughout my site to assist you in connecting with the services you  are looking for.  

A large part of my practice is working with couples.  I am passionate about relationships and helping people achieve healthier, happier, and more successful relationships.  I work  with couples to improve communication,  repair broken connection, move through conflict, and increase intimacy.

I also enjoy working with adolescents and their families helping to move through the myriad of issues that arise during this exciting and challenging developmental stage.   

Instilling hope and enthusiasm, encouraging and coaching, are my other strengths. I treat a lot of depression, anxiety, adjustment disorders, loss and grief, and traumas.  

My approach is energetic, down to earth, and I have a tendency to exercise my sense of humor.  I bring passion and purpose to each session and I work hard to empower people to break through barriers to achieve their goals. 


​​Has Your Friendship Become An Emotional Affair?  (Answer the 8 questions below to find out)

  1. Do you confide more to your friend than to your partner?
  2. Do you discuss negative feelings or intimate details about your marriage with your friend but not with your partner?
  3. Are you open with your partner about the extent of your involvement with your friend?
  4. Would you feel comfortable if your partner heard the conversation you had with your friend?
  5. Would you feel comfortable if your partner saw a video tape of your meetings with your friend?
  6. Are you aware of sexual tensions in this friendship?
  7. Do you and your friend touch differently when you are alone than in front of others?
  8. Are you in love with your friend?

Scoring Key:

Give yourself One point to "YES" answers to questions 1,2,6,7,8

Give yourself One point to "NO" answers to questions 3,4,5

Add up all your points.  If you scored a total number of:

0 score is friendship

3 or more you may not be just friends

If you scored 7 or more you are definitely in an emotional affair

 Original author, Shirley Pete Glass,  printed in USA Today June 20, 1988, in an article by Karen Peterson, “When platonic relationships get too close for comfort” page 16.